Because sometimes a status update just isn't enough.

Because sometimes a status update just isn't enough.

07 July 2011

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My current (and somewhat lofty) goal is to get everyone in New York to start saying "awesome" as much as I do.  (Or even at all, as the case may be.)  "Awesome" is one of those words that I toss around like confetti, inserting it into pretty much every conversation that I have.  ("Fabulous" runs a close second to my "awesome"-ness... but that's a goal for another day.)  It's a silence filler, a gap closer, a convenient segue into a new topic... It's a handy-dandy all-purpose word and I'm pretty sure the world would be a much better place if only society would recognize the Power of Awesome as much as we do in California.

As the self-appointed ambassador from California, I've decided to change the world, one New Yorker at a time.  

(Notice how I'm leaving my downstairs neighbor, the infamous Mr. Awesome, out of this blog.  Talk about abuse of the Power of Awesome.  What an ass.  He gives Awesome a bad name.)

(I told Dan about this last night and I must say, he was slightly less than supportive.  If he'd rolled his eyes any harder they would have most likely stuck in the back of his head.  But what does he know... he actually uses the word "wicked" to describe something, for example, "It was wicked hot today."  How is that even close to the same as awesome?  It's not, that's how.)

But I digress.

Anyway, back to the Power of Awesome.  

A typical conversation for me goes something like this:

At the grocery store, when the cashier hands me my receipt:

Cashier:  "Here's your receipt.  You saved $13.87 today."

Me:  "Awesome!  Thanks!"

At the bank, after I make a deposit and the cashier is handing me my receipt:

Cashier:  "Here's the receipt for your transaction."

Me:  "Awesome!  Thank you very much!"

Are you noticing a pattern here?  They say "Here you go,"  I say, "Awesome."  It's that simple.  

You can also say, "It's an awesome day outside!" or "These pickles are awesome!" (I bought a jar of Nathan's New York style fresh dill pickles and ohhhhh ma gawdddd, y'all... DE. LISH. US.  So yeah, the pickle conversation was taken right out of real life, yo) or even in response to a polite "How are you?" to which I always reply, "Awesome! And you?"  (Okay, that's a lie... I usually say, "Fabulous!" but I'm totally going to start answering "awesome!" to that question, too.  Starting..... NOW.)

Meanwhile, awesome is trending in New York AS WE SPEAK.  My landlord just a few minutes ago came by to give me my rent receipt for this month. After he handed it to me and I awesome'd him ("Cool!  Thanks!  Awesome!"), we chit-chatted for a few and he inquired as to whether or not Dan could give him a call about working on his son's vehicle.  I said I would have Dan call him after he got home and my landlord said, "Cool! Thanks!  Awesome!"  (I choose to believe that he wasn't making fun of me, despite what Dan says.)


One down, the entire population of New York State to go.



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