Because sometimes a status update just isn't enough.

Because sometimes a status update just isn't enough.

27 October 2011

All Faux Hawked Up

There was a bit of pissing and moaning yesterday because I was negligent in providing photographic evidence that I had, indeed, shaved the sides of my head and given myself a faux hawk.  

In my defense, there is a very good explanation for that:  I looked like shit.

I am not a wash and wear girl.  All this? *insert visual of me using my pointer finger to circle my face... uh huh* takes a considerable amount of effort.  And the older I get, the more effort it takes.  

Okay, people... the moment you've all been waiting for:  Dani's Sleep Deprived Faux Hawk, Revealed:

Please forgive the shittiness of the photo quality from my cellphone.  I would have had to drive to Florida in order to get enough light to make this picture turn out clear.

I am such a freaking bad-ass.  

Oh, and Nancy Grace?  This is how we do eyebrows, honey.  Note how they are NOT crawling down the side of my nose.

Now you know.

You're welcome.


  1. Actually, it doesn't look bad at all. But I'm willing to bet that you'd be much happier if you could ever leave it alone long enough to let it get more than 3 inches long. And so I am going to send you a bunch of barrettes. And the link to an instructional video on how to make them work for you. And you can sit in the tub with a mirror and one of my bath bombs and figure that shit out.

  2. Oooo. It's awesome. You look tough, like you can kick some NooYawk ass!

    I don't think I can take the dare. Here's the problem - first off, my hair would never do the cute stuff yours does. And second, I'm not good at doing it, I'd be clueless.

    My hair isn't actually straight, and the shorter it is, the more ringlet-like it gets. And it isn't cool curly, more like Shirley Temple.

  3. Thanks. I actually do love having short hair... I got it lopped off about 4 years ago and haven't looked back. Every time I start to grow it out I realize it makes me look shorter, fatter, and older when it's longer.
    Mandi... I would happily experiment with barrettes while soaking in a tub surrounded by steaming bath bombs... which sounds like a euphemism for farting in the tub, now that I think about it. Hmmmm...

    Vesta... Short curly hair is AWESOME. If I had anything close to a curl in my hair I would die happy. True story.
    I'm off to find you an adorable, easy, sexy, do-able, curly short style.


  4. I LOVE IT!!! If my hair wasn't so freakin' nappy and I didn't have a head as round as a Charles M. Schultz character I would totally do the short route. You are blessed to have the perfect face and hair to rock the bad-ass look, my sistah! :-)

  5. Told ya you could rock that shit....

  6. THANK YOU BOTH FOR VALIDATING MY POOR HAIR CHOICES!!! (I'm shouting because I get loud when I'm feeling encouraged in my bad behavior.)

  7. I don't know how you manage to look fab after jacking up your hair, but you do. Work it baby!

    Maybe you should open your own salon and do other people's dos. I believe you've mentioned a lack of such quality establishments in your area. You could make a fortune!

    Peace & Love

  8. It's a gift born out of necessity. Saddddd but true. And thank you!!

  9. Fucking amazing. The end. :)


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