Because sometimes a status update just isn't enough.

Because sometimes a status update just isn't enough.

30 March 2012

30 Seconds In The Bathroom

Me:  *blow drying my hair*

Me:  *having a brain storm*  "I think I should have bangs!"

Me:  *grabbing scissors*

Me:  *snip snip snip snip snip*

Me:  "Crap..."

Like this, only without the mullet.  Or a peener.  (I'm assuming there's a peener, anyway.)


  1. I tried to snip my split ends the other day and now I have to tilt my head to the side to keep it even. ((sigh))

  2. Oh, Dani. First the razor, now the scissors. Please ask Dan to remove all sharp cutting instruments from your immediate viscinity. Don't make us get the straight jacket, yo.

    Oh, and . . . pictures!

  3. Imma give you my phone number. Then whenever you have a "Brilliant" idea, you can call me BEFORE acting on it & I'll yell "NO!! JUST NO!!". It would prevent disasters like this & break up my day. It's a win-win!!

  4. Ha! Come on, we need picutres!!!

  5. Yikes. Why do we do stuff like that? Logically we know it will lead to no good.

    Sigh...the allure of cute bangs defies logic.

  6. Pictures, pictures, pictures....

    I'm starting a slow chant.

  7. Girl, you have GOT to stop cutting your own hair.

    But since you persist, you might as well show us the pictures...


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