Because sometimes a status update just isn't enough.

Because sometimes a status update just isn't enough.

18 November 2011

Looky here what I got!

I'd like to thank the Academy...
Vesta Vayne, Blogger and Cocktail Mixer extraordinaire, chose me as one of the recipients of this prestigious award.  (It's prestigious mostly because I was chosen for it and also, because I've never gotten a blogging award before.)  Vesta blogs at the Cowardly Feminist and also recently became a published author.  Her book, Human Resources, Martinis, and Other Bad Things is, of course, FABULOUS.  You should buy it for the book description alone:  "Delores does bad things." 


Also?  Vesta created a cocktail and named it after me.  SUCK IT, Shirley Temple... Let me present the Dani-Tini!


Part of the rules of being a recipient of this award is that I need to pass it along to five other deserving and amazing bloggers.  

I have chosen:

First and foremost, the Amazing Mandi at  Everything Ertel.  She's irreverent, crafty, creative, funny, and I'm pretty sure my existence on this earth is largely to act as a "What Not To Do" for Future Mandi.  We live parallel lives, only mine is 20+ years in the future.  

Next, you have simply GOT to read this blog: GWEENBRICK.  I don't know if he reads my blog or not but that doesn't matter (even though I think we should totally be BFF) because his blog is freaking brilliant.  Gweenbrick, if you check in here and see this, please accept your award because you are a rock star in the Blogosphere.  

Next in line is the witty and fabulous Lil Tirade.  She's smart, funny, swears a lot, and buys cheap-ass wine.  How can you not love someone like that?  Plus, she didn't ban me from her blog while she was having issues with a moth infestation even after I regaled her with horror stories of my youth when my parents had to tent our house due to the same type of moth invasion.  It was horrifying, but she came out victorious.  

And of course Jo and her Bright Yellow Balloon... Her blog is truly a definition of "versatile."  She's funny, clever, sentimental, honest, warm and everything you could possibly want in a good friend.  When I read her blog I can imagine sitting in her kitchen drinking coffee and talking about everything from our periods to our children.  

Keeping it down to five is truly difficult... I never cease to be amazed, inspired, and left breathless with laughter by soooo many blogs.  But I need to give a shout-out to Front Desk Ninja.  Any person who can title a blog posting "Dear Sniveling Crackwhore" is a hero in my book.  The fact that she can face down pimps and hos in the wee hours of the night and then make me laugh my ass off about it in the bright light of day is freaking AWESOME.  That's right, girl... Mothafucker you're AWESOME!  

Actually, you all are.

And now I'm supposed to share five things that you may or may not know about me.  (This was hard, due to the fact that I over-share and pretty much tell everyone everything.  I had to dig deep into The Vault for this part.)

1.  I have one sister named Andrea.  She is two years older than I am and even though we fought like cats and dogs when we were kids, we are incredibly close and I would trust her with my life.  

2.  I play the piano and the flute.  Relatively well, actually.

3.  I was accepted into the American Academy of Dramatic Arts when I was a senior in high school but turned it down because moving to New York and beginning a career as a stage actress would have cut into my summer vacation.  I know, right?  In how many languages can one say "stupid, stupid girl".  

4.  When I was a teen-ager I was constantly told I looked like Valerie Bertinelli.  While at Disney Land when I was 16 or 17, a group of teen-age boys approached me and practically wet themselves, thinking I was her.  I did not correct them and gave them all an autograph.  Sometimes I google "Valerie Bertinelli's autograph" to see if anyone is selling it on eBay because I want to see if it's actually mine.  

Valerie Bertinelli

5.  And finally, I have nine tattoos.  I got my first one 25 years ago in Laguna Beach, two months after my oldest son was born.  My ex-husband had gone in to get one and while I waited with him, I decided I wanted one, too.  He flinched and panted and said things like, "You won't be able to handle the pain..."  Considering that two months previously I had spent five days in hard labor, I decided to take my chances.  I got a parrot tattooed on my ankle.  Afterwards I informed my Marine hubby that "compared to giving birth, it was like being tickled."  What a wuss.  

Thank you, Vesta!!!!  xoxoxoxo


  1. I'm so glad someone gave the award to Mandi, she is truly awesome! Also, congrats on your award you rock lady friend!

  2. Completely and totally deserved!! I love your blog and your ridiculous honesty about your world and the crazy in it. Keep on keeping on, girlfriend. MWAH!

  3. There are so many fabulous bloggers you could have chosen and you included little old me in your top 5. ME! Yay me and yay you!

    I'm a bit verklempt, but I'll try to keep it together here and simply say I humbly accept this award.

    peace & love :-)

  4. You are my favorite blogger (even over the Bloggess, I swear to gawd) and that you even considered me for this is AWESOME!
    Thank you, thank you!

    AND HA! to those damned geese!

  5. Thanks for the award, Dani! And for writing such nice things about me. It was very embarrassing to read. I really liked your post just now about your husband and his profanity laced sneezing, which seems almost like a marketable skill.
    I hope to get something up in the next day or two about my shiny new award-thanks again!

  6. That's right, move over Shirley Temple, with your cherries and whatnot. The Dani-tini is what all the cool kids are drinkin'!

  7. So I finally decided to sacrifice sleep and respond to this honor. Thanks, chica!

  8. I am a former colleague of the author of Gweenbrick. He really is a brilliant guy. His level of creativity is amazing. He appreciates that award more than he will say. Great guy. I accidentally wrote authoe earlier. I was amused. I don't blog, but damn someone should work that new word into a blog


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