Because sometimes a status update just isn't enough.

Because sometimes a status update just isn't enough.

09 November 2011

The Duggar-Bobs are at it again...

Author's warning:  Proceed with caution.  Shows graphic images of toys behaving badly.

So it would appear that the Duggar-Bob's are expecting child number 20.

(I will wait for the gasps of shock and awe to subside.)

Personally?  I've been expecting this announcement for a while.  The Duggar-Bob's have been out of the media spotlight for a while and you can't have 19 Kids... And Counting without cranking out at least one more.  (Otherwise, you might as well quit counting, am I right?  And then TLC will cancel your show.  Right, Jon and Kate?)  

Also?  Jim Bob has been looking self-satisfied of late and Michelle Bob has been looking worn out, which generally means Mama's Got a Squeeze Box, Daddy Never Sleeps At Night.  (Okay, ick.  I just skeeved myself out with that one.)

Which leads me to what really bugs me about the whole Duggar-Bob thing.  It's not so much the "How Many Fucking Kids Do You Need" thing...  If they want to pop out a crotchling every year or so until Michelle Bob's vagina falls off, what's it to me?  I can have opinions out the hoo-hah (which I do... believe me) but realistically, they can obviously afford these children, they are well taken care of, they are polite, respectful, and not personally costing ME any money, so in many ways, I honestly don't give a rat's ass that they will soon have one more mouth to feed.  

It's the idea of Jim Bob and Michelle gettin' it on.  That's the part that bothers me.

"Ooh baby, you looked so hot expelling that afterbirth... I can't wait to get you home.  Who's your Daddy?"

I started getting visuals when the oldest Duggar-Bob son got married.   Jim Bob's Sex Talk went like this:  "It's like Legos, son..."


Sex is like Legos?

Jim Bob and Michelle have sex... like Legos?

You mean... Like this?

Good to know, Jim Bob... Good to know.

So now I have a permanent visual of Michelle Bob, with her Fem-Mullet and her denim prairie skirt flipped over her head, with Jim Bob...

Oh God.

I can't even say it.  


  1. Lego porn for the win! Are you fucking kidding me -- she's PG AGAIN!?!?!? Jesus Christ at a Cracker Barrel keep your goddamn knees together, woman!

  2. I like the lego pic with the chains and whip. I was originally thinking that wendy had you baby sit again and you got creative. HAHA.

  3. It's ALWAYS Lego Porn for the win! God help me if I'm ever accused of a horrible crime and the FBI confiscates my computer to evaluate my browsing history.

    Phoebe... LoL! I sent Wendy the link so that Zach can have some ideas on what to do with the toys after the kids go to bed.

  4. Lego porn, I have now seen it all.

    Dani, I have to know how you did that vagina poster mock-up.

    And crotchling is my new favorite word.

    (Psst: I used your funny vagina movie titles in my post today.)

    XXX- Heidi

  5. What probably happened is that TLC threatened to cancel their show if they didn't pay up on that "and counting" promise. Is that show still on, anyway? I've never seen it, so not sure.

    You stay classy, TLC!!

  6. There has got to be some sort of scaffolding or support beams hold her vag together! Damn...

  7. I honestly don't know anything about these people. I've never seen the show, and that's because the thought of popping that many living beings out of ONE hoo ha freaks me out to NO end. As you so perfectly put it, the vagina is not a clown car.

    Oh, and by the way. It's only Wednesday, but there is no way in hell anyone is gonna top you in the picture department this week. Lego porn - hee!

  8. Oh good lord... lego makes boobies. Please don't tell my husband.

    And if ever there was a candidate for vaginaplasty, it's Michelle Duggar. You know it's got to be like flicking a flea in a stadium at this point, and at the risk of giving you even worse visuals (it's not like you sleep at night anyway, right?) how does he even stay stimulated long enough to splatter the batter?

    These are deep questions, people. Deeper than Michelle Bob's clown car.

  9. Oh Ew. That's all I have to say. EWWWWWWW. And ick. But that's it.....ok, blech. Now I'm done.

  10. Just say no to Lego implants. The damn boobs are inching up to her mollars. I swear the Duggar-Bobs could star in their own version of "No country for Old Vaginas." No doubt that is like throwing a hot dog down a hallway.


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