Because sometimes a status update just isn't enough.

Because sometimes a status update just isn't enough.

07 October 2011

Facebook Status of the WEEK 3

"Mom, you're not putting this on Facebook, are you?" (Sean, pits deep in corn.)
Never fear, Sean... of course she did. It's her job.

My friend Cassidy has two of the most unintentionally hilarious and unique boys in the world. Her Facebook status updates on their daily conversations kill me... they never fail to make me laugh and honestly, they remind me of my own unintentionally hilarious and unique boys when they were little. (Ohhhh how I miss them!!!)

To give you an idea of a typical conversation in her house:

"I've already decided lots of things for when I grow up, like what kind of car I'll buy, And I think I'll get that Baby Bullet to make baby food for my kids. But I'm still undecided about car insurance. I'm thinking Nationwide or Progressive. But Progressive gives you discounts the longer you stay with them. So that's something." - Ethan, 10 years old, who clearly watches too many commercials.

Since the invention of the internet and most importantly, Facebook, the parental duty of embarrassing your children has become even easier. In this case, however, I am helping Cassidy's sons, Sean and Ethan, embarrass their mother by sharing her following post:

Proof of political correctness at work in younger generations: Ethan - "Why is it getting hotter instead of colder?" Matt - "I don't know. It's Indian Summer." Ethan - "Man, if it's hot here I'd hate to see what they are getting over there in India." It never occurred to him that it was a reference to Native Americans. I almost undid it all by saying "feathers, not dots." Clearly there is still work to be done in the older generations.

"Feathers, not dots." Really, Cass? Reallyyyy?

It's so politically incorrect that I'm ashamed of how hard it made me laugh.

Love you long time, mama!!

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