Because sometimes a status update just isn't enough.

Because sometimes a status update just isn't enough.

27 September 2011

The Updated Update

Tonight's dinner: Fajitas, the Sequel.

Here's why:

After everything I went through yesterday so that Dan would not have to eat Cod Fajitas, I received a phone call from him at around 6:30.

*Keep in mind, he already knew I was cooking dinner, what we were having, and had a good guffaw at my expense with all of his co-workers...

Dan: "Hey, baby, my mom is going to take me out to dinner tonight after practice."

Me: *longggggggggggggggggggg pause* "She is? Oh. Um, okay... where are you going?"

(Because you'd damn well better be going to Texas Roadhouse.)

Dan: "McDonalds."

Yeah. That happened.

Fortunately for him, I was too tired to kill him by the time he got home, so he's lived to see another day.

Meanwhile, he just called me and asked what's for dinner.

Me: "Fajitas."

Dan: "Again...?"


This just in: He is going to be served fajitas for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Until they're gone. Word.

as promised, she served him his balls on a tray

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