Because sometimes a status update just isn't enough.

Because sometimes a status update just isn't enough.

11 November 2011

Of Fat Girls and Vaginas... and Jim Bob Duggar

Usually I do a Facebook Status of the Week blog on Fridays... but since I'm kind of pissed at Facebook for punking me (check out yesterday's blog where I whine a lot) today I'm just going to fill you in on some going's on I've been involved in on other people's blogs.

Today is Mad Fat Friday, Stephanie McAfee-style.  She wrote the amazing, funny, clever book,  Diary of a Mad, Fat Girl.  She has an amazing blog where each week she blogs about Fabulous Fat Girls and things that make her mad. (Who wouldn't love that?  Seriously.  It has "Hey Dani, come here!" written all over it.)  As I am also Fat and Mad (much of the time) I was beyond thrilled to be asked to write a guest blog for her today!  You can read all about my Fat Madness here.  

Buy Stephanie's book on which I conveniently linked for you in the above paragraph.  (Seriously... one click buying.  It's like they're doing you a favor.  Thank you, Amazon!!)

Buy the book!  Buy the book!

Earlier this week, I was lurking on my friend Heidi's blog, Girl To Mom.  Heidi has been in Vagina Mode lately, what with one thing or another, and wrote a blog about adding the word "vagina" to popular movie titles.  Natch, I had to add a few of my own, which inspired (that's right, people... INSPIRED) Heidi to write a sequel to the original Vagina Blogs, which you can read alllll about here!

I seriously considered posting a picture of an actual vagina, but then I remembered I'm not that kind of girl.   You're welcome.  Or I'm sorry.  Whichever.

Speaking of vaginas, back to the Duggar-Bobs... I was made to understand that I had offended a few people by my images of
Lego Porn.  I am truly sorry that Lego's doing the dirty found their way onto my humble page, and I would like to promise that it won't happen again.

"I tripped and my clothes fell off and I landed face first on his penis!"

As you can see, it was clearly an accident.  I blame Jim Bob for putting the idea of Lego Porn into my head in the first place.

You're a bad, bad man, Jim Bob.


  1. I thought the Lego porn was hilarious! Gosh . . . (Wellllll, there again, I have a coupla wind-up, clickety-clackity toys that simulate porn, so obviously I'm just an overgrown 12-year-old boy deep inside.) :D

  2. Lego porn is AWESOME. Really, it's nothing to be ashamed of. It's *art*

  3. Right????!!! It's been sanctioned by JIM BOB DUGGAR. How could it be wrong?

    "Sex is like Legos, son..."

    I mean, really... what other explanation is needed? EVER?

  4. Yep. lego porn was fabulously awesome! My kids are huge lego fans at 11 and 14 and I almost yelled for them to come view the hilarity before catching myself!


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